Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On a Hopeful note..

When I started this month's story of my Victorian dollhouse I was worried that it would not be of sufficient interest. I posted a picture of this row of Victorian houses in Alamo Square know as "the Painted Ladies of San Francisco" .
Today while going through pictures from 1906 I found this one of those very same houses.

How many disasters have we as humans survived, and I just want to send out thoughts of hope to our friends in the Gulf region of the United States today and to everyone else facing hardship at this time.

Thank you Rebecca, of Rebecca's Collection for giving the story  a real historical dimension. You can find her blog in the blogroll next to these posts. (My daughter just said, "Mom...really? Can't you hyperlink?
I said, "Sometimes...)


Florine said...

Not sufficiently interesting?? CM! Your room settings are wonderful...just like looking at real pictures from that era; your actual pictures of 1906 SF are so full of history; and your sweet little story tells us that teenagers haven't changed....they are still the center of their own little worlds a hundred years later!

Pubdoll said...

To read your stories about your italianate house and the earthquake has been so interesting (and dear I say enjoyable?) So fun to see how alike the dresses of your dolls and Rebeccas ancestores were! And now that it seems there will be a good ending for our leading characters I can sleep well again :-)

shale said...

I love this story. It's quite an adventure for us as well as for the dolls. And I love how Rebecca's history ties in so perfectly. It has been like reading a book you don't what to put down.

I love the Painted Ladies of Alamo Square and try to visit them every time I go to San Fran. I didn't know they were pre-earthquake. I am glad they survived.

I had to laugh because the Clark Gable, Jeanette MacDonald, Spencer Tracy movie, San Francisco (1936), about the earthquake was on Turner Classic Movies the other day, and I felt like I had fallen down the rabbit hole into 1906 San Fran. It was everywhere. LOL

Love the posts. Keep up the great work. I learn something every time I read your stories.



My Realitty said...

Oh that movie is so over the top. How about that young Clark Gable?

Well hang on toyour hae we're moving on to the Roaring '20s Monday! xoC

My Realitty said...

Susan, you are right! I turned on the news last night and as we were having nice weather the image they showed was, what else... Alamo Square! I had to laugh. C