Thursday, June 3, 2010

I agree wholeheartedly with Pubdoll who said,

(Illustration from New England Miniature's blog about Victorian Interiors.)
Victorian houses are boring for the most part. I thought so and I think current opinion agrees. One reason is because the Victorian style is overdone. Just the opposite of what we like today (Hello Ikea). Another is because they are just so hackneyed. ( ya gotta love that word...) BUT this may change.

Though I have visited New England Miniature's site for years I just started reading their new blog. If you go to it is where they discuss Victorian interiors. I found it amazing. There is information about every aspect of Victorian life taken from historical documents. We know it was the time of the Industrial Revolution and growth in the Sciences with the discovery of germs. I learned that the reason canopy and curtained bed styles disappeared (like in the Colonial dollhouse) was because the Victorians realized they were dirty and began to turn to fresh air and wooden and metal framed beds without drapery.
I also like the social information I learned there such as that servants were not trusted and EVERYTHING was kept under lock and key. Visit the website for much more facinating information. It is changing my appreciation for this month's dollhouse.

You are probably familiar with The History of Dollhouses complied by Jennifer McKendry. It is a pictoral guide to dollhouses from 1890 to 1990. It is my Bible for buying antiques. Jennifer if you are out there THANK YOU!!!!
I have spent many hours lost in the incredible illustrations and pictures.
She has beautiful illustrations like this.

and this of the McLoughlin cardboard folding house from 1980. I had these in my side bar then realized I wanted to keep them forever with the posts.
Perhaps Katie Van Ness played with one of these! Cheers CM

I wanted to save this picture of Italianate style Victorian houses in San Francisco and I think my Italianate dollhouse could benefit by more detail on the trim. Add to to do list...


Busy Lizzie said...

interesting post.. there is so much social & domestic history to learn that we can apply to our dolls houses. Love the pix of the San Francisco Italianate houses.

My Realitty said...

Dollhouses are so much more interesting than the general public knows. They are often little time machines. C

diepuppenstubensammlerin said...

that's the spirit... I have learned so much by just collecting old toys, e.g. blogging

My Realitty said...

I have learned so much about my puppebstube from your blog! CM