Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas present: "Dollhouse & Furniture Advertising 1880-1980's" by Dian Zillner

Thank you Shale for this book. I barely opened it and look what I found!
I received this old varniushed oak set when I purchased some Bliss furniture. I thought it was American made and now I have some background!
This newspaper add  is from the Charles Wilson Co. of New York.These chairs are found on page 6
of her book. It says:  "an oak bedroom set for 19 cents". I use the bed that came with it in the CH house.

This is the bed. The footboard is the same as the add, but the headboard is fancier. Lace is my mother's old tablecloth. Fainting couch Sonia Messer missing legs! Oriental screen, postcard, antique french tin wash stand. Chest of drawers with mirror came with bed. Chest 1980s. I have to change the color of the bricks in the fireplace or soften it with a screen and wood...
Thanks, Shale and Dian Zillner.


Florine said...

Hi CM! I just spent a delightful hour reading all your posts...way back to September! Don't know what I enjoyed most, all of your new families...or your wonderful little assistant. Now I have to go back and read the comments...I have a lot of catching up to do! But this time I will start with September and move forward.

Thanks for the earlier holidays wishes...I hope your holidays are the best ever! Flo

The House of Lisa said...

I can see you are well prepared for a great Christmas dinner!
Merry X-mas from Lisa!

Kikka said...

Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas!