Sunday, December 12, 2010

My German kitchen room box

We know the importance of kitchens in doll house history. If you are around a toddler one of the most fun early toys is a play kitchen or bar b que like the ones by Kidcraft and American Plastics. Being able to clean with a sponge is a must.... The toddlers understand serving food as being fed is about the first skill they master. I am specifically thinking of Altera and her little Boogie. The main problem with dollhouses for the tiny is the choking hazard. Dollhouses also take good eye hand coordination or they are too frustrating.
I fell in love with the delft tile wallpaper from old German kitchens. I wanted a roombox but found they were priced so high. Then one came on ebay that was just right for me. It came with oversized German kitchen furniture that was plain DDR style and an interesting cradle. I found classic blue and white Gottschalk kitchen furniture and started collecting blue  accessories like this treen tea set
And when I originally posted this picture on Flickr, I had a lovely econversation with Miss Schumatta asking me if the sink worked. And it does! I was so delighted to learn that it did. How intricate the German miniatures are! C


shale said...

I love this roombox, and I was very happy to see it in person. The pictures are great, but it glows when you see it live.

It is perfect for a Christmas scene. And it's exciting that the sink works - so much more fun.


My Realitty said...

Thanks Shale!Yes. It is hard to capture how lovely it really is! C