Monday, March 7, 2011

Kiddie rooms by Marx

The 1950's seemed to be a time when anything was possible. Post WW2 parents were thriving and busy creating the "baby boom".

 Check the view out the window. "When the red, red Robin comes bob, bob, bobin along..." Pretty optimistic time. I love the soldiers.
I also like the Big top, tenting design over the drapes.

Check out the toys.

The Marx Company also made a Disney version with the kiddie room covered with their characters. Growing up in SoCal I have had enough Disney in my life.


I really like these soft pastel colors

Focus on childrearing was becoming enlightened. The rooms for children reflected this, very child oriented. Still very 1950's though. C    
        Please be sure to go over to the side bar and read Rebeccas Collections post. it is about a dollhouse book from this era. Very revealing!


Shale said...

I love your summary of the post war "Sunny side Up" decor and childrearing. And, I love this nursery. This is pre-Vietnam warI think maybe images of soldiers changed after that.

I had never seen Rebecca's book before her post today, but it is so familiar. I am sure I have read many like it. Being a girl, in her place, was a theme in the early 60's. I grew up with three brothers so I never bought the 'boys are better than girls' theory.

Boy, am I political tonight.


My Realitty said...

Funny, I never had a brother and never had a son so I don't know what all the fuss is about. Girls do it all. 2 different situations, same conclusion. :) C

Amy's Miniatures And Smalls said...

Let's go swimming. I can't wait! Hope you are safe and well. I'll be catching up soon. Amy

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