Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pool for your 1950's dollhouse.

The 1950's Marx dollhouses expressed the idea of a happy, healthy family. They were probably all drinking orange juice around those kitchen tables.
Leisure became part of family life. Swing sets, sand boxes and swimming pools arrived in the back yards as rumpus rooms and breezeways appeared inside the house.

I love this iconic pool. It is a boomerang, or kidney shape so typical of the time. The set included a life saver a floating duck toy and a sailboat that my assistant may have waylaid. She likes them very much. They fit right in her little palm. Or pockets. Oh good I see the duck float in the first picture.

With the wonders of working with plastic the figures could show great action. This boy is immortalized ready to spring from the diving board for all eternity.

The teenager appears in the late 50's. The 1960's female teenagers show great attention to style with plaid straight skirts and yes... flips.
This red umbrella table is not Marx, but is sturdy and survived.

UPDATE: The umbrella set identified as Ideal Co.

These dolls look so wholesome today. I'm just saying. Have you seen the Moxie girls at Toys R Us? I only go there for my little assistant you know. Really.  C

I went on ebay and sure enough there was a pool figure set for sale.

I'm not sure but I think the blue one might be the lifeguard.
Item# 360350949662 and it's so far only $9.99. It ends 6 days from today  3/10/2011. If I bought it it would only disappear again...
Cheers! C
Update: From the Sears Christmas Wish book


Shale said...

Post war America had a love affair with swimming pools. Everybody wanted one. It was quite a status symbol so it's no wonder that Marx made them for the dollhouses. This one is great. I love the people and pool accessories

My Realitty said...

Being from So. Cal I am part fish! C