Saturday, March 26, 2011

As we say Goodbye to Marx

It is hard to write a story here like I did about the Colonial house or the Victorian house. The dolls actually look like clones. Maybe a Twilight Zone theme, or a Kafkaesque story?
Obviously the shift is away from dolls to furniture. Was this reflecting the advent of "Interior design" as it became popularized for the masses?

Mixing in other dollhouse items just doesn't work.


I had mentioned this once before on my blog and Pubdoll suggested making an art gallery. So I used various items such as this Bozart vase and art work by Oese.

And I will leave you with that post from Feb. '10. It uses 1/12 scale dolls and other dollhouse items. Judge for yourself if you think it works.

Then we thought of using it as a nightclub or disco. Mmmm, maybe another time.... Click here:


So long Marx, C


Pubdoll said...

Even though the Imagination house doesn't look very realistic, it's still one of my favourite dollhouses, and you've made very good use of it! I love the Elvis room with the Bozart sculpture!

My Realitty said...

Truly it is one of the most unique. I love the Andy Warhole replicas in miiature scenes. They just look so cool. C

Sans! said...

It works, C :) The last pic looks like a work of art itself !

My Realitty said...

Thank you Sans! C