Sunday, May 22, 2011

Take a little Sunday outing with me.

Being in one of the last time zones, you may be reading this Monday or Tuesday!
Let's start with coffee from Peet's on 4th street in Berkeley. The musicians are setting up, the dogs are tied to trees and toddlers are lurching around in natural fabric outfits with home knitted caps. "Non fat Latte, not too hot" is what I get. There is also a tea bar down the way. DWR is here, CB2, Crate and barrel outlet... what fun.
 I am always interested in lighting. They show artificial Japanese lantern plants with little lights in them. Christmas lights poked in? Must explore further.

Oh look at his beautiful wall at O Chame Japanese restaurant! Their cuisine is so good when President Clinton first visited California, he was taken here.

The charming entrance.

Visiting "The Gardner"  is a must! Lots of outdoor 'scapes. Plus they play Bill Evans.

I was intrigued by this light fixture. It was an iron pot holder or bottle holder with lights draped over it. I talked with the charming store owner and she said it was really just a display. Hmmm Could we do that?

It was sprinkled with living blossoms of succulents. So interesting! Many people were admiring it. I have a black iron pot holder not in use...

Succulents are popular right now. They are so hardy and need little water.

Here is a note to my Elder Assistant. This restaurant has a charming copper bar. My Elder Assistant and I spent many a sunny afternoon discussing life here when she was at CAL (UC Berkeley). It is one of those restaurants Anthony Bourdain talks about that changes hands every few years. Two restaurants ago it was "Ginger Island". Now it is called "Zut!" When you next come to the coast we will have to try it.

This area of Berkeley has a wonderful collection of bungalows. Some, like this one are renovated. Some are just waiting their turn.

As we move south to Emeryville the streets become more industrial with brick ware houses,

And renovated buildings. It is a popular place for Architectural firms and "green" businesses. Pixar, makers of Toy Story and other annimated movies has it's Headquarters here.

I love this. It is made of eye screws and wire. A great idea for trellis or sculpture.

Even the Emeryville fire house has sculpture. And many buildings have fountains.

Do you know Cliff bars? They are a popular energy bar. Their inventive headquarters are (is) here too. They call it "Cliffbar, Home base". They have a great childrens' playyard and allow dogs to come to work with their owners.

 That is the E for Emeryville sign in the distance.  This is my local Michaels. You can see it coming off from the Bay Bridge. (I didn't even mention the Northern San Francisco Bay is two blocks to the west!)

So frankly, if you saw the gifts MiniDork gave us at our last Mini meet:  You would understand that I was inspired to find greenery at Michaels like she used to make her centerpiece. I found small bamboo, a collection of greens, and little pots.

Frankly, ( I must be in a very frank mood) the deck on the I house stinks. The 1/6 furniture, while cool in form is GIGANTIC. The styrafoam spray painted looks like Stonehenge.  Back to the drawing board.
 Any way, Berkeley and Emeryville were fun and after I finish this Polenta in Marinara sauce from Market Hall and a few sips of chilled Pinot Grigio, I will tackle the I house deck again. I have a whole new plan.
 Wish you were here to advise me. Cheers! Happy Sunday,CM


Kikka said...

Thank you for taking me out with you Carol! It was sooo fun! Let`s do it again one day?

Sans! said...

What a Sunday! Yes, I am reading this on Monday evening :).

By the way, I think your pool looks really good.

My Realitty said...

Hi Kikka glad you joined me! CM

My Realitty said...

Hi Sans! Happy Monday. Well I think the pool looks hokey... I want a more plastic look. :( C

Shale said...

This is my second outing to this lovely neighbourhood. We went here last summer when Daphne and I were there visiting you an Colette. How nice to go again!Thanks!