Friday, September 2, 2011

Eye of the Architect

Wesley Allen Christensen was born in Payson, Utah. He describes his parents as "my dad is an old cowboy and a Barber. He cuts hair at his original barber shop with the spinning pole and game mounts on the wall on Main Street in my home town, and my Mother is a wonderfully passionate woman that gave me my drive and desire to always create. Their talents along with the talents I picked up from my grandpas have formed my artistic creativity and that desire to build and construct".

architectural image by Wes Christensen
          The influence of the West is evident in his work.

 He had 3 brothers and no sisters.

 "As a boy" he continues, "I was always into art and drawing. I seemed to always have a sketch book that I would draw and put down ideas in. I remember being very interested in plastic models as a boy. Cars, Trucks, Planes, boats, anything. I remember my brothers and I would get plastic car models for Christmas and have them built the day they were given to us. A lot of times we would trade parts of our models or use the engine parts on the outside of the cars and come up with our own designs."

                      Digital model by Wes Christensen
                        Digital model by west Christensen
Isn't it amazing how realistic they can be made to look?
Wes explains. "My love for art, drawing, and building things naturally let me to Architecture. I love the design aspect of the profession. I was taught of the importance of a scale model to a design of a building. The real, tangible, aspect of a model can communicate a design or idea to people that aren’t a custom to looking at floor plans and flat elevations. I love building models for projects, if a picture or drawing is worth a thousand words, then a scale model is worth a million. Whenever I am around a model I pick it up, bring it close to my eye, and really “get into” the space. I think this is why so many Miniature collectors love their mini houses. They can decorate, furnish, and make the space their own, and with a camera or their own eye really get into the spaces they work with and bring others into their creations with photography"
architectural model by Wes Christensen

He expresses the intrigue of the model so well. I want to see this from every angle. Of course I want to live in it too... CM


Kathi said...

Nice post! I wish I had the "eye" of an architect. I love Wes's creations. SO inspiring!
Thanks for sharing!

My Wee Life said...

What a talent :) Thank you for sharing that post

My Realitty said...

Kathi,I know I am especially delighted with the little pools. I have a fascination with realistic model pools. CM

My Realitty said...

Hi My wee life. It is funny but I had the first post ready for over a week and hit publish at mindnight Sept. first. Then I had so much more material to share I was excited to get it out there and hadn't realized I ended up posting 2 days in a row! CM