Monday, September 26, 2011

What is Next for Wes Christensen, architect and modern mini house pioneer.

The Christensen Family

"My lovely and very supportive wife has put up with all my hobbies since we met, she and my three children have really taken an interest in the Modern Miniature world since this endeavor began." Wes said.

 "My oldest daughter and I have been designing and re-designing an ultimate mini house for her, but she is a lot like her dad in that a design is never finished!!

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At this time we are living in Spanish Fork, Utah and I am working for a commercial Architectural firm in Provo Utah. I am designing and overseeing construction of large educational buildings, high schools, elementary and secondary schools and loving every bit of it. However, I love expressing a little creativity in the mini world to help give some variety in my life of design," he concludes.

Thank you, Wes for taking the time to tell us about your work and share your beautiful family with us. As a major "player" of dollhouses I can only underline how good the MH1 is to play in. I find it brings out the best creativity in my designs and I use it more than any other mini house I have. I am so happy to learn all this about it's background. Cheers, CM


Sans! said...

Great interview C!

My Realitty said...

Thanks Sans!
I loved your reporting of the lantern contest. Everyone was so creative and then I enjoyed your commentary on the judges decision!
So interesting! C