Monday, August 23, 2010

Mad Men have dollhouses

Did you watch tonight's episode of "Mad Men"? A Marx tin doll house was in a scene! 
It was the classic colonial model, symbol of the perfect American  home. This is mine I will be blogging about Marx when I get to the 50's in a few months. You can read about it on .

You know Barbie is coming out with a Mad Men set of Don, Betty, Roger and Joan, the red headed bombshell,
I hope they make accessories. C
P.S. I don't want to ruin the plot if you haven't seen the latest episode... BUT I bet we'll be seeing it again... Dollhouse alert!
Another funny thing is people actually CALLED me to tell me ( so I guess I am the local "dollhouse crazy lady" after all) and my daughter came running up and showed me it by pointing out the one I had. Now she respects it!!!!
Speaking of crazy dollhouse ladies.... this gives me the perfect opportunity

  to show you a gift Shale brought me. I had claimed I wasn't a "crazy doll lady with 20 cats, in fact I don't even have one". So Shale brought me a cat. It is white and it chose the Biss house to live in where Jack and Jill live. I think it is interested in what is in the pail of water... So eek.. Maybe I am a crazy doll lady after all ???? C


Sans! said...

Don't you think their houses (as in the set in Mad Men) are so mini-able themselves :)?

I am keeping a lookout for this dollhouse. Any idea which season and episode was this?

Miss Val's Creations said...

I can't wait to see it! Mad Men is my favorite show but I catch it On Demand a few days after each episode airs.

Barb said...

I noticed that too and wondered what kind it was
That show has very authentic sets, clothing.

Documentary said...

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My Realitty said...

Last night's. I stayed up late to see the second time it ran. It is the Marx tin litho. It is on US ebay all the time.
And yes they do a GREAT job with their sets.

My Realitty said...

Miss Val, me to but sometimes it is so dark! (depressing) CM

shale said...

I have yet to be captured by Mad Men, but the Barbie dolls are delicious. I want them all.

I'm glad the cat found a good home. I think it is running the place already.

We crazy cat ladies have to stick together. LOL


My Realitty said...

Susan, Your are right about the cat and sticking together too! xo C

christine said...

i don't think we get 'mad men' in australia... though we do have a few! i'll keep an eye out for it! your new cat looks very happy.. :-)

Victoria said...

Oh, I'm a huge fan of Mad Men,the creators of the show are genius. I'd buy those Barbie dolls, though I'm not a huge fan:)

Pan said...

Must watch out for Mad Men. The Bliss house is fabulous. Pan x