Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet the Bisques who live in the Triang. Uh oh published by mistake!!!

(Which just proves planning ahead is a bad idea.) See post below first for introduction to Triang House. DOH!

This is the Bisque Family. They live in England. There is Grandfather Bertie Bisque, in the red tie, then Father Baines Bisque, in the tophat, dapper, eh, then little Mitzie Bisque, Grandmother Mildred Jones Bisque is in the center, Mother, Betsy Shepton Bisque in the Schaparelli pink, with little Tootsie Bisque to her left, and finally little brother Bobby Bingley Bisque.
They are 3" German dolls made of.... you guessed it...bisque.

Waiting in the livingroom for Betsy to come down.

Mother in her dressing room
And the maid, Molly Dolly visiting with the bread delivery man in the kitchen.


Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

I love the Bisque family!! They are adorable.


My Realitty said...

Thank you Kim. Some dollhouses are just MADE for dolls. This is one. CM

Florine said...

and I love the names you have given your sweet little dollies! Hmnn, looks like the grandparents are exhausted from spending so much time with the little Bisques...I feel a good story coming on!

My Realitty said...

Well, my observant friend... as some of you know from FLICKR there is a bit of a story about Grandmother... C

Pan said...

Great pictures. The doll family is perfect. I do like Molly Dolly :-)

My Realitty said...

Thank you Pan, she is cute. C

shale said...

That bread delivery man seems to hang around alot. Maybe there is also a story there.

This is a wonderful house and a wonderful family. I want to come over and play!!


Clara said...

Están muy bien acomodados en su nueva casa. Me encantan.
Besos Clara.