Saturday, August 14, 2010

Little detour

So I have been thinking about lights. Can I expect my Christian Hacker to become solar powered?
And I have been thinking about antiques. I bought some very old German furniture practically in pieces to restore. They are the era of the CH house (and too fancy for the Gottschalk), but I kind of want them in the lady of the house's bedroom because I LOVE PINK! My elder assistant INSISTS they are SALMON which sounds more sophisticated.
Which led me to try and decide who to shuffle out of the CH house...I think this is old American made furniture. There are no markings and I collected it in 2 different lots from different states. Diane Vilner shows something like it on page 145 of her book:  Dollhouses and their Furnishings, under "miscellaneous wood" Look at the pointy little front legs.In this shot you can see the 3 chairs on the right are in better condition than the couch and 2 chairs on the left. Also a white substance, perhaps wax shows up in the photo on the older chairs that isn't as readily visible to the eye. The cushion on the couch is made of plain cotton very homespun looking with  a brown tattersall like pattern.
Any one know about this furniture. I like it as it is sort of humble. Then there are these slightly smaller wooden chairs, table and hutch.They came with the 3 chairs above and the Bliss alphabet set from Maine. The little drawer does not open. I wonder if it would hurt these if I gave them a light cleaning with Murphy's oil? C


christine said...

i don't know what murphy's oil is..
i would think that oil would preserve it! i can't see it doing damage. just don't mention murphy's law!! :)

My Realitty said...

Ha ha! Excellent point, my dear! CM

BusyLizzie said...

Thank you for your blog visit, you really do have some wonderful items in your collection!

My Realitty said...

Every time I see your name it makes me smile. :)CM