Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Louis Rich Dollhouse with Strombecker furniture

I love this tea cart.The dining room chairs and table and sideboard in the back are all the large Strombecker. The teapot and cup and saucer are vintage German painted gold.

The wallpaper came with the house and it was carefully applied.

The bedroom set has a lovely grain. The mirror is missing from the woman's chest set. The crib is vintage metal. The bedspread is a 1940's handkerchief.
The vintage bendy dolls have that stiff arm look.


Minnie Kitchen said...

haha love the boy riding the tricycle!

shale said...

I love Strombecker furniture. It is so well done - sturdy, play resistant and looks like real furniture in miniature, not blocks with chunks cut out. A set of Strombecker furniture from eBay was my introduction to vintage dollhouse and fueled my passion to keep collecting. It still lifts my heart to see a room full of it.
Great collection

Kikka said...

The tea cart is very modern in a way,
Love it!

Anonymous said...

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