Monday, January 10, 2011

Strombecker Kitchen

Alberta: the mother doll.
People seem to really like this bright kitchen with the 40's-50's feel to it. Did you know Wonderbread came out in the 1920's?
Credits: Strombecker refrigerator, stove and sink, I was told this is Nancy Forbes red wood and metal kitchen furniture but I have also seen it credited to Strombecker. The toy car is renwal, contemporary wood milk bottles and canisters. The wooden coffee set with red accents is German.

I had added a note when I put this on Flickr, "What could she be thinking?" and then was nonplussed when someone replied "This time I won't drop out of Clown School"   :O     C.M.
Last Easter.
Alberta after everyone is off to work and school. Dreams of the "Big Top"? The red striped wallpaper is Jennifer's printables.


shale said...

My father always said, "They call it Wonder Bread because it's a wonder you can eat it." Even so, it was a treat for us as kids. And my own children, who never got white bread when they we growing up, thought it was wonderful.
I love the red kitchen with the Strombecker stove, sink and fridge. This is such a homey, nostalgic scene that it makes me homesick for the 50s.

And, I really don't think Alberta should give up her dream of becoming a clown even if she is a wife and mother now. I know it's not customary for 1950s wives to work out side the home, but you know she is still thinking of it by her choice of wallpaper and bread wrapper.


My Realitty said...

Thank you for supporting Alberta in her dreams. That doll has the strangest look on her face. I think you would have to agree she is not beaming with joy. What was the manufacturer thinking? C

shale said...

Maybe the manufacturer was a 1950s wife and mother.