Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sneaking ahead

Oh just sneaking into February and the Eagle Hexagon House. I had it set up and we were having fun playing with it and this just happened.
(Spot On couch and TV)
 There is that shelving again.
(Amazing Miniatures shelf, Texas Tiny statues, Reac chair, antique books, Spot On brown buffet cabinet)
 AH LOVE this toy!

A little 50's channeling.
But here is the point... WHO put that boy on the stove and why did I only notice 24 hours later!!!!! C


Sans! said...

Very nice pics . I have that Eames chair in real life and have been looking for the Reac equivalent. Then again, where am I going to put it since I don't have a modern setting! Maybe on a stove?

The little one looks like he's trying to change the bulb!

Shale said...

What a cool house! The modern furniture suits it well. But shouldn't it be a gingerbread house if you are having children on the stove? Lol

My Realitty said...

LOL, it is cookin'

Honestly my little assistant played with the dollhouse for about an hour, turning the rooms around. Then she had to go to bed and I never thought to check it.
Nice, helpful boy to fix the light. C

Neomig said...

The orange scene caught my heart- so lovely. Could we see the house again?

My Realitty said...

Good one Shale! :))))).C

My Realitty said...

Neomig, I will be taking you through this house this month.
The colors are nice in the orange one though. Thanks! xo C

Sans, that first comment was for you, lucky girl with an Eames lounger! C

Maria Narbon said...

So real !!!
The TV room reminds me of my childhood with the same wing chairs.

My Realitty said...

Maria,What is old is new again, eh... C

Rebecca said...

I love that shelving against that wall :-)