Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sister's room

Can you guess sister's name?  Dot..

This is the girl's room in the eves . I think the desk is small Strombecker but the green set is a different manufacturer. I think I saw it in Villner;s book, so I must go researching. It is just so 1940's to me.
Cheers, C


BusyLizzie said...

Fantastic 40's room, I love it! Lizzie

My Realitty said...

Thanks Lizzie, bet you know the right aprons and curtains for this house. C

Drora's minimundo said...

I'm learning more and more about the history of dollhouses from your blog. This is another bonus for me in blogland. Thanks, Drora

My Realitty said...

Thank you Drora. There are so many styles and manufacturers from different countries. It is amazing! CM