Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Gallery opening

The name of the Gallery was the One Twelve, because the renovated building it was in was at 112 Bayview St.

As Colette walked up to the gallery she thought "Oh no. Is that Mr. Green-blue who was a friend of my ex? The one he bought that god awful nude statue from for my birthday? If that's the kind of art they have here... Forget it." She ducked her head so Mr. Green-blue wouldn't see her.

Oh and there were her old neighbors. Hitting the bar. She snuck by them.

The first gallery was incredible. Colette immediately spotted a large nude by a German impressionist.

Original drawing by Oese
She was intrigued.

On the next floor she saw a naturalist water color that made her think of the oceans, and vacations, and warm sunshine. She really liked it.
Water color by Oese
Other art Marx for Imagination House set.

She sat in the gallery and stared at the nude. She was transfixed. She couldn't move and I mean that literally.
Bar tray antique Schneegas.
Bench contemporary import
Korbi wicker set.
Antique glass bottles
Vintage American plastic glasses.
Rement nachos.


Norma said...

For anyone predisposed to migraine those colours could certainly 'do one's head in' :)

I'm a bit concerned about the size of those cocktail glasses - certainly no 'drink responsibly' message here LOL - still it does fit in well with the smoking mothers...

I think you'd better add a 'not suitable for impressionable children and/or adults' to your blog LOL ;)

My Realitty said...

What about the content of the art?
Perhaps risque? :) C

Norma said...

I had too many of those cocktails, I don't even remember the art ;)

christine said...

c'mon colette, buy the nude!

Rebecca said...

What a great idea! It looks terrific - the mixture of vintages and styles works really well. I especially love the room with the sculpture and pottery on columns :-)

My Realitty said...

See? This is the problem with mixing scales! C

My Realitty said...

The mixing scales comment was supposed to go under the "glasses too large" comment.

Rebecca, yes I think the Imagination House does well as a gallery.It could be a restaurant too with a bar, or a disco with flashing lights! C

Norma said...

To some degree I think the mixing of scales is part of the charm of this vintage.

By the way, I think that nude is wonderful, and the whole gallery does look fabulous.

Pubdoll said...

The Imagination house looks fantastic as a gallery, a great idea! And with two original Oese as well! My favourite is also the yellow room with the sculptures and the nude.

Love the story in this and the previous post! "She couldn't move.." :-)

And I would also love to see it with the restaurant/bar/disco :-) Sounds like a fabulous idea!

Florine said...

Wow! It makes a great art gallery...but I think we might be seeing it as a disco or restaurant in the near future! Looking forward to either. :)