Saturday, December 17, 2011

Good luck Bad Luck all the world over

                     Bonjour from Paris! Here I am eating soupe carrotte. I think I look chic because the light is dark. I am grateful to be here in my friend's loft in the 11e arrondissement. She is home visiting her family.
My best friend Susan came through marvelously from her proceedure in Toronto. Now she is coming to join me for Christmas in Paris. More good luck. She too is an old Paris hand (sorry about the old) so we do not have to slam our visit but take it leisurely and visit favorite haunts.

 I am going to stuff her with good food which is everywhere!

           Here is the 11e City Hall decorated for the Holidays. Yes I almost got run over. 4 times.
Merry-go-rounds are free for Children in Paris at Christmas. I am thinking of my little assistant but she is busy with her first Christmas song fest at her school where the most important lesson is to not fall off the bleachers. Her mama went and today she gets to go to her Grandfather's office Party in her best dress.

When Susan returns to Toronto it is to a regemine of chemotherapy.
What a world we live in. What a wild ride.


Sans! said...

Carol, Bonjour!

You do look chic, not just the light but that certain je nais sais quoi as they say it over there.

I do believe in enjoying life and to whatever life dishes us, we say C'est la vie and just carry on living like it's our last :). Easier said than done so I am happy for Susan that she's travelling to Paris to meet you . So eat eat eat and Bon Appetit!

My Realitty said...

Merci, we will follow your rule to the best of our abilities! xo C

Shale said...

Christmas in Paris is a dream come true! We are going to have a blast. How lucky I am to have this wonderful trip to see me into the next part of my recovery. A week from now I will be on the way there.

My Realitty said...

Ah Quelle domage... aucun croissant ne sera laisse d'ici'la!
:( C I translated oink in francais, it is pronounced oink :0

Modern MC said...

You already know that I'm jealous. And, yes, you are chic. Smiles! And Merry Merry Christmas, lady!

Kikka said...

O`la la!
Yes You look Chic!
And Merry Christmas to You!


Pepper said...

Hope you both have a wonderful, relaxing time in Paris. You both deserve it =0)