Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So I was thinking about the Imagiant Challenge hosted by Emily Henderson

and how fun it is to watch all the creations on Flickr of variations on a miniature design,

Of course being in Paris at Christmastime means seeing Buches de Noels. (I can't do the punctuation correctly.) Usually they are  chocolate cake in the shape of a log representing the log one burns at Christmas for warmth.

I had to laugh when a small pink one caught my eye yesterday morning at my local bakery but my hostess bought croissants (which were like nothing I've ever tasted before! How do they do it?)
 So as I was perusing the Paris Blog,  Paris by Mouth
they displayed these most artistic and clever ones I've ever seen.

and I had to laugh at the creativity. I wanted to share with you. So many variations on a classic!
And now I am hungry! I think I will go start with the little local pink one. Bon appetite, CM My realitty today is eating!

PS. Mine....

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