Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last question Modern Style Quiz

You are sitting in:

1. An Eames Chair
2. A Brocade oriental wing chair
3. At a 1950's kitchen table
4. In a rose colored painted wicker chair
5. In a cardboard chair.
6. Santa's lap... ok that doesn't count.

Score  yourself. One point for every #1 answer, 2 points for # 2,
3 points for #3 etc.

Answer key to "But what kind of Modern style am I" Quiz:

1-7      Mid century Modern
7-12     Hollywood Regency Glam
13-16   Retro/Deco
17-22   Boho-chic
23-25   Green, upcycled

It's not alway important who you are, Sometimes it's who you want to be.
                    Or just that you and your doll love each other. The doll in this picture belonged to my daughter, she gave it in turn to her daughter (my little assistant) and then who knows where it will travel in another 20 years?

Happy Holidays from Myrealitty.


Troy said...

great blog, Looking forward to your upcomming posts on Tynietoy!

My Realitty said...


Jom Style said...

What is my style quiz?

My Realitty said...

Hello, it is to determine what modern style you zero to
See the several previous posts and the original post on For shat style mini
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