Friday, December 30, 2011

La Musee Poupee, Marais. Paris

How wonderful it is to go to a special museum with someone who shares your interest! I hear many bored spouses in restaurants discussing their unmatched museum plans over dinner.  

I love this sign because the first non verbal communication of babies is those little lifted arms that say "Pick me up!"

 Shale took 146 pictures and will be blogging in detail soon she tells me.

 This real baby was crying in one of the galleries offering true sound effects to the scenes. A toy room is offered at the end for children to color paper dolls and to play with a basket of toys. Then this little tot was happy.
Oh yes, we visited the gift shop... more about that later. xo CM


Modern MC said...

Here the tot looks like an angel. Man!--They are good for doing that.
I can't wait to hear about the gift shop. I don't think I said this earlier. I'M SO JEALOUS!!

DollZandThingZ said...

You have seen the Bleuette dolls! How I envy you! Looking forward to more photos!

Fabiola said...

Wow! I love dolls!
Bye Faby

My Realitty said...

Hey Mod MC, that tot was loud. As ever with dools some of the stuff was too much. All the pics are Shales. xo C

My Realitty said...

Hi Dolls, Shale of has tons more pics and knows more about the bigger dolls than I do. CM

My Realitty said...

Hi Fabiola, What up? CM

Florine said...

Beautiful beautiful dolls! But nothing to compare with the real live one! I'm enjoying your trip with you...thanks for these super posts!

Kikka said...

Wow, You have made an adorable visit!
You really seem to know how to enjoy,with all the cute dolls and the cakes! :)
Hmm, When comes the Fashion-show?

Neomig said...

Paris is always charming!
Happy New year