Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1920's party atop the Victorian Dollhouse

Well, I found the "flapper party picture". So I uploaded it. Not sure how to get rid of this Flickr box though!

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This dollhouse was made by my younger daughter's friend's Father. He owned a Hobby Shop in our town. When the girls were in Middle School the family decided to get rid of it. It was a copy of a San Francisco "painted lady". I loved it. The Father put so much work into the details. We still have it. I am saving it for that friend when she has children. You know who you are...
May 15 2010 Update (So I deleted the party picture of flappers from my dollhouse collection Set on flickr and I guess it deleted it for good. Not to worry I wil retake it when I do the Victorian House in June 2010. If you are reading this from the beginning, that is why there is that blank square above. Still don't now how to delete it. Gun shy about deleting...)

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