Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You can see more of pinchofpepper's work on Flickr

"Don't spend a fortune on clamps to hold your pieces when they are gluing. Get a flat piece of steel and some magnets. They're perfect for holding your minis in place. I use jewellry pliers when I'm bending metal and needle files for filing metal. I also use a scapel and blades. You don't have to buy specially made tools for miniature making most of them are hanging around in your tool box. If you know any joiners/carpenters become their best friends. They are invaluable for sand paper and little bits of wood." Yes, miniturists are friendly people!

And, "Don't throw anything away! I find loads of bits that I can use in broken electronic pieces. I've taken computers to bits. I've used old phones and plastic from DVD boxes intead of paying for sheet acrylic. Oh watches are good too for mini buttons for your pieces.

I love to see what people invent with their miniatures!"

Thanks for sharing pinchofpepper! It's amazing what you do!

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