Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dollhouses' Dirty Little Secret

Antique dollhouse made by the Bliss Manufacturing Company, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, VERANDA MODEL ca. 1800-1920

I might as well get this out in the open. There is one very naughty part to dollhouse collecting. Sort of the deep, dark secret to the experience.

I want to create an evocative word for this, like "Bromance". But it would have to be "Homance"
which doesn't sound good at all. It is the extreme passion aroused in the Dollhouse Collector's breast for the next conquest.

Yes we love our dolls, for Heaven's sake we even name them. Yes we cherish our houses. We scrimped to buy them, don't even begin to offer mortgages. Yes we adore our accesories. We combed God know's where to find them... get the drift
but.... then that next one catches our eye...and...
well... Bliss, and I mean that literally.

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