Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just for Fun

Little Go Peek

It's all in the eye of the beholder...

My little granddaughter came over to my house. She is very good and gentle with my doll house collection. Mind you, one of this child's first words was "house" and she'd point.

I opened the door for her to my Christian Hacker dollhouse and let her remove a sturdy, little, round hall table to play with. Then I closed and latched the door.

"The sheep" she said. At first I didn't hear her. "I want the ba ba black sheep", she looked at me.

"Charlotte," I replied confused. "There are no sheep in there. This is a house... not a barn". I thought I'd solved it.

"I want to see the baa baa black sheep", she practically wept....

So I unlatched the front and we looked in the house,

My, my. Sure enough there WAS a sheep in there! But she didn't get to hold it because it is made of glass and is an English antique and that was ok with her because she saw the sheep.

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