Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September! Deja vu and I mean that literally...

Whoa! When they say red, they MEAN RED!
Ah a fresh month... A chill in the air, the children back in school... a leaf here or there brown. Let me begin Triang month again. This is my small Triang inhabited 3" bisque dolls.

As I said to Kim, some dollhouses are just MADE for dolls. This is one. I love the tiny crimped hat on the maid's head. I know these dolls originally come in the box with the string around their hands in packaging, but I like to pretend the maid is playing cat's cradle with the children so have not removed it.
This house is furnished with Tootsie Toy furniture which is well... I admit it... precious...
The 3" bisque dolls, I think they are German. Any opinions? They come in all nationalities. I even have a cute guy in a kilt.


shale said...

I love these dolls. Mother and father are so elegant, ready for a night on the town. They remind me of Carol Lombard and William Powell (you younger people will need to google that reference)
They are so lucky to have 'help' both in the house and in the garden.
I have always wanted that too. Alice, from the Brady Bunch, taking care of all things housework, and Randy, the gardener, in his tight cut offs, taking care of everything else. ;)

Hmph, but that's just me. I am sure Mother Bisque has everything under control here.


christine said...

cute dolls but i adore this house... don't turn your back, i might pinch it!!
christine x

My Realitty said...

True, I think of Myrna Loy.
hmmm frankly we all need all the help we can get I think...C

My Realitty said...

Well, Christine then I expect to see you here to play! CM

Pubdoll said...

I'm very late, so I don't know if you even see this :-) You already know I love this house, but I just had to tell you I love the outfits of the mother and father Bisque, they are très chic!