Thursday, September 16, 2010

Speaking of the 1920's I have this little problem...

Love of Tynietoy.
above image from Ann Meehan Antiques.

Pencil post bed and silhouette.

My friend Shale says she's getting bitten but I told her it's mostly an unrequited relationship as they are so rare.Please notice the Rement oysters and Gerlach basket on the table.
As I said, I have this little problem... love of Tynietoy. More about this American company started by two women in the 1920's to replicate American antiques later. See McKendry's dollhouse history for more info, Sigh, C


Pan said...

I can see why you like this furniture, it is lovely. Do you know what scale it is?

My Realitty said...

Hi Pan, how are you? It is 1/12 scale or 1" equals a foot. It is rare and expensive and I am in love with it. C

shale said...

It is such lovely furniture. I see why you love it!! Can't you just imagine being a little girl and getting to play with this elegant furniture with your flapper-era bisque dolls and their servants? Sigh! I am going to think about that for a while. It will be like time travel.

"Falling in love again. Never wanted too. What am I to do? Can't Help it"

My Realitty said...

LOL. Good one!
Can't you just imagine being a little old lady and clutching it to your heart!!! Got to go get ready for the SF event. Cheers! C