Sunday, September 26, 2010

Feeling like Gulliver herself...

Colette rushed home but the house was empty. She raced back to the Hexagon house and heard laughter and chatter. When she got there she found the Grecons and Bisques having a jolly old time.
Soon they progressed from Tea to Martinis and the children were getting along famously and went outside to play. "Colette, dear", said Mr. Grecon. As your assistant made our return flight for next Wednesday and the Bisques have asked us to stay with them, do you mind if we spend the remainder of our vacation in the Triang. The chairs are perfect for us."

"Please do" Colette said.
Back home she thought, "Sometimes I wonder.. oh well, I need new clothes and C needs a new camera. We better just worry about that for now...".

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shale said...

Love it! Wandering doll families, mingling and having fun. That's how it should be. Just like in real life.

I love how everyone is getting along!