Monday, September 13, 2010

The Damaged Triang Facade

This was my first Triang purchased. It was from Arizona and I did not realize the plants were painted on, not decals. I am still not sure if this was repainted or if Triang ever came this way. The surface paint had been repainted and was bubbling and cracking. It was in terrible shape and I loved it until I saw a better one...I know that is not the door for this house.

This was the replacement facade I bought on ebay. It has the correct sundial over the front door. The other had been painted as a clock.

So I decided to play around with it. When I stripped the paint off the steel structure was revealed.

This was before the Emerson house or my MH1 by Wes Christensen.When we used ANYTHING to make a modern structure. I pretended Colette was a real estate agent with an industrial property to sell.

The neighbors in the Triang neighborhood were not all happy.

This is how I play with it now, sometimes extending my MH1. (Sorry, Pubdoll for the small, teeny, tiny pictures, but apparently I haven't figured out how to save from Flickr without pixellating them!!! POOH!)

Go to my mini design blog to see more of the experimental modern house using this Triang facade. C

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Clara said...

Esta fachada te está haciendo pensar. Cada cambio la has mejorado. Me gusta esta fachada moderna.
Besos Clara