Saturday, October 2, 2010

The interior: Great lithos, lower floor

Lets go in the back door to the kitchen. Whoa don't let the floor make you dizzy. Golly gee willikers! Love those ruffled curtains. Looks like a pot of sphagetti sauce exploded on the ceiling in the corner. I better place the stove there. I like how the pen and ink  illustrations are cartoon like.

Next let's move to the diningroom. I opened the walls to take the picture. The kitchen floor does not show. The china hutch ends at the wainscoting... The frame on the picture is so 1940's. They used about 5 colors of ink. Brown, black, yellow, scarlet and green.
Livingroom. Those curtains are too much!!! Love the shilouttes!
It was interesting taking this picture as natural light came in every fold of the cardboard. Classic mantle and representational picture over it. The gray carpet is also so '40's! These are definitely "drapes". Love that word. C


shale said...

I love the graphics! They remind me of the paper doll books we had as kids.

What a great house. It's not so scary on the inside - unless the spaghetti sauce stain on the kitchen ceiling is something other than spaghetti sauce. do do, do do.


My Realitty said...

Ha ha!!! Good point. The cheeriness of the decor makes the doll expressions even creepier... C

Rick said...

That's pretty nice inside, I'd live there!

Rebecca said...

It's lovely! Very cheery, and as you say, so typical of the era :-)