Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shale for scale

I know people have been going to great lengths to get the Emerson. My friend Shale who lives in Toronto had it sent to her buddy in DC. Then she rented a PT Cruiser and drove it home! I was curious how big the box was even though I'd read the dimensions. Her lovely daughter took this picture of her in her home. I commented. "Wow, Susan, you house looks really classy!" and she replied, "That's because I hid all the dollhouses..." She was having out of town guests and needed the room.
I think it is hard for people in Europe and Australia to get these. Will there be an overseas supplier soon? C


shale said...

Ha ha, Thanks C. I love my living room when it's tidy. Which isn't often enough. Where is a maid when you need one?

Here's my 2¢ on the Emerson - When I ordered mine in July 2010 they told me that the would be implementing international shipping as soon as they could.

I asked them to send mine to DC where my friend was kind enough to receive it for me and keep it until I could come for a visit.

The box is huge, as you can see. and weighs 52 pounds. I had trouble carrying it in the house. I can't imagine how much it would cost to mail it overseas.

I am looking forward to unpacking it.


Josje said...

Wow, that's quite a drive to pick up a dolls house :O Your friend looks so pleased with the house, even before unpacking it!
52 pounds it weighs?!! The shipping costs to Europe would be gynormous!

christine said...

your house looks lovely... just like a dolls house. can't wait to see the box unpacked and the house assembled.. i'm in australia, so not much hope of me getting one.. i'll look at yours. :-)

Pubdoll said...

Even though I have rad the dimensions, it's something else to see it, it really is huge! I still haven't got any feedback from Brincadada how much they will charge me for a possibly shipping to Norway. I think I must do some serious thinking about how much I really want it and if it's worth paying so much in shipping to get it! Kudos to Shale for picking ut up in DC and driving it all the way home to Toronto!

Amy's Miniatures And Smalls said...

Super Fabulous. I am looking forward to see this house all decorated. Thanks for sharing photo of another doll house fun person!

Norma said...

You're right - that's a very classy looking room!

Re the birdcage on Margaret's blog (My Petite Parterre) it's an import from China. The bottom slides out (so you can clean out the mini bird poop!) so it makes it much easier to repaint cos you can actually get inside with a long brush. It's about 61/2" tall. I bought mine at the fair from a Chinese woman who I would say had imported it herself, which is why it was such a reasonable price. There is a white one on ebay UK at the moment but I can't find any other

If you really want one, and Marg can't get another at the shop where she bought hers, let me know and I'll keep a look out for one at the Sydney mini fair next May. The postage would be about $12.