Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Treat than trick?

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Tynietoy Grandfather clock, bookcase, demilune table, chairs.Traditional, not scary at all.

Hooray, the miners from Chile are being rescued!!!

Just e chatted with Pubdoll who mentioned the meet up of modern mini people. She suggested Kensington, England as a site. Paris is good too. What about the Australian contingent? What do they think would be a possible place?  Hawaii?

Speaking of Australia I am excitedly waiting for the items from the Call of the Small exhibit curated by Ann Marie the Shopping Sherpa who I just chatted with and she votes for Australia! C

Update: I seldom mix in other accessories with Tynietoy because very few things are good enough to match it. Please notice the plant stand and waste basket made by that Canadian world traveller and budding artisan, Susan Hale, fashioned from an antique fan she purchased in a Napa Valley thrift store. I haven't shown you what I blew my budget on but let's just say that is another story... C


Norma said...

Another vote for Australia! However, I think we 'Downunderites' expect to be outvoted ;)

christine said...


Kikka said...

well, well...
I wote for London or/and Paris

And if I have to choose, I`d say London because of the language.
And specially in Kensington
There might be enough rooms and people... to the organizing work...

I just told my husband, that I would love to go there the of December... welll he did`t seem very happy about the idea! It happens!

Sans! said...

Can the non-modern mini makers join in ??? Especially if it is in Australia :).

Hooray to the miners as well :).

Love the Family photo :):)