Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is supposed to be on Leftcoastmini but

bathroom remodel 006
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This is a picture of my bathroom remodel and why I may seem out of it for a while!
AND I seem to have lost my cookies on my computer and have to blog through flickr. I also only have this blog listed on flickr and don't know how to add the other one GRRRR
as soon as I published this started uploading when I checked on it and now this one won't do the Tynietoy information I just learned and I wanted to share!!!!!
 Break time!  More coffee is needed, and it looks like it is going to be 100 degrees again today!!!!! C

My bookcase.

Susan described it as an "Early Tynietoy bookcase. This is an unmarked early example with only three shelves of paper books rather than the customary four, and there is a flat cornice just above the top shelf not seen on later examples. Also, there never was a finial at the top, and the doors are painted with faux raised panels. An unusual item among Tynietoy pieces." from Susan Grimshaw at Compare it to the larger one in the post below. I am so glad to know the difference! I thought it's finial was just broken off!  Thank you Susan Grimshaw! C


Rebecca said...

What happened? Hope you get it all sorted out soon!

My Realitty said...

I guess losing your cookies is better than losing your mind... C

shale said...

It's definitely better than tossing your cookies.

Sans! said...

Wow, that bathroom job look scary!!If you put your doll holding a knife in it, it will look like a prefect mini setting for this blog :):).