Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Eve with Mini Jazzi

After a nice dinner with a good Shiraz, Colette, Mini Jazzi and Colette's rakeish friend Stephen just back from a trip to the Mekong decided to open presents. "Remember last year in Paris Colette?" said Stephen. Colette lifted her glass and smiled and peeked at the Tiffany and Co. bag next to him.
the goods: I am only going to mention items I have not already credited in the MJ posts. Rug mouse pad, rhino sculpture trophy on fire place by Amazing Miniatures, painting on the livingroom wall by Linda Davy  from a fellow countryman to MJ, the Shopping Sherpa's exhibit "Call of the Small". Phantom chair a  place card holder from Lavender and Navy wedding site. 

Colette was impressed even her daughter Kate dressed up for the occasion. Ok, so Kate still has on Doc Martins but hey, at least she put on a skirt. Kate gave MJ her present and MJ had one for her.
"A new cell phone! I needed one as your friend in Toronto pointed out, mine was a little obsolete". said MJ. "Coolio, a koala bear!" said Kate, "Is this from your country?"

Then it was Colette's turn.
(Oh no I just published this instead of saving it!!!!! Oh well there are more presents to come!!!)  Well it looks like we have to sing the carol, "We need a little Christmas, right this very minute, stockings on the mantle, I just stepped right in it... " More presents to follow.
  I get to meet Mini Jazzi tomorrow, I can't wait, the Little Assistant.                  



Neen said...

Everyone knows you guys in SF celebrate Christmas Eve for at least five days! How glamorous everyone looks! Your party reminds me of Nick and Nora's Christmas Eve in one of The Thin Man films.

My Realitty said...

Thanks Neenie, I guess we will. Someone suggested we were thrown of by the different time zones... xo CM

Jazzi said...

love it! Doesn't MJ look glam in her red evening gown! Glad Colette liked the Koala! Hugs Big Jazzi xxx

My Realitty said...

Hey Jazzi! Yes her evening gown is dazzling! The Koala is a big hit around here. Christmas is organized and then Mini Jazzi has other plans for her New Years Celebration, I think... CM

Mme. Vaisaileaux said...

I think it's smart to get this up, just in case of Mayan apocalypse. Just kidding! Merry Mini Christmas!

My Realitty said...

Good point, I'm still here though I'm in a later time zone....CM