Monday, December 17, 2012

Mini Jazzi Takes a neighborhood Tour.

My assistant knows one of the families who lost a daughter in Conn. We are saddened beyond words and hope gun control laws follow. 

I am keeping it light here.

"How is the coffee?" asked Colette the next morning. "Fine" said Mini Jazzi. "As it is pouring rain outside I think maybe we will start with a neighborhood tour." Colette suggested. "Sure" replied Mini Jazzi."let's go!"
"We have a lot of pine trees here in the Bay area" Colette began.

"First we'll visit the Grecons, "Oh dear no one is answering. They must be in the Attic visiting relatives for the holidays. Mrs. Grecon won't mind if I give you a tour. She always has the latest appliances. Notice the Brimtoy kitchen! And the snowflake on the roof..."
Next is the German Roombox...."

"Well Hello Mini Jazzi", said Santa... "He knows my name?" said MJ in amazement. "Well, it is Santa" replied Colette. Mrs. Santa roared with merriment."Have a cookie, dear and some peppermint tea" said Mrs. Santa. MJ had a nice visit with Santa and spoke on behalf of all the good little children in Australia.

"The Hackers have a big home and many people live there"... said Colette moving down the street. The old Grandmother offered Mini Jazzi tea and kept eyeing her outfit but was too polite to stare. "Thank you" Mini Jazzi said smiling.

Mrs. Pink Bonnet came is and said, "Did you get some tea dear?" looking at Colette and Mini Jazzi.

Downstairs they visited Mrs. Flathead and her daughter. It was gloomy as they have no electricity. "Please have some tea" and tell me all about your country, I have a brother in Australia, well, we won't talk about why he went there...." Mrs. Flathead flushed thinking of her brother the black sheep of the family.  

Next they went to the Library where the men of the household were congregating. "Have some Brandy" offered Mr. Hacker and old man Hacker added "It is the very best, my dear".

MJ tasted it and found that she indeed liked it!  "Well, let me just introduce your guest to my chauffeur. Now if there is any where you need to go, he will be happy to drive you" and Mr Hacker winked. Colette threw back her brandy and said, "my my... we MUST be going..." and pulled MJ out of the library.

"Come into my kitchen. Let me give you coffee and cake!" the cook threw his arms open in welcome to Colette and her friend. "Colette, I have not seen you in ages", he continued,"who is this beauty you have brought with you?" he asked.
"She is wearing funny clothes!" piped up Bad Anton. 

Everyone gasped. "Excuse this rude boy, Mademoiselle" the governess said quickly. He is from Paris and very spoiled. Bad Anton glared at everyone.

"Colette" Jazzi whispered, "I need to visit the ladies room, so much tea..." "Well, they don't have one, dear" Colette considered. "It's time for the Marx visit. See they have electricity, they will have a bathroom!"

photo compliments of Tomo Moko on Flickr, Thanks Tomo this is a classic!

"Merry Christmas" Colette called out cheerily and said in an aside to MJ, "Don't be surprised if this is boring... the Marx people are rather colorless..."
MJ found them entertaining though was shocked they SMOKED and around the children!" (I am keeping it light and am dismayed to see the gun over the fireplace in this "traditional" American made dollhouse. Shows you how pervasive guns are, Isn't it always commented how dollhouses reflect the culture of where and when they were made.) 

But at least THEY had a bathroom. As is often the case with guests Mini Jazzi was exhausted, but Colette wanted to make sure she was getting her money's worth for her visit! CM


Neen said...

Very sweet and funny, and poignant. Thank you Collette, MJ, and CM.

My Realitty said...

Hi Neen. Thanks the show must go on. C

Shale said...

Mini Jazz is having a wonderful visit. I wish Daphne and I could join you all. I can't wait for more adventures!!

My Realitty said...

Did you notice Colette is looking rather ragged. I may need you to dress her up again like at the wedding! CM

anna said...

Good to read your post and see all the dollhouse scenes! So great,that there was a bathroom in the end. :)
I am sure the shooting tragedy has affected all of is just horrible. what a sick world..and so much sorrow for nothing. One can only pray for the families and ask that God may dry their tears sometime...
I think in this context..MJ is also a messanger of friendship and peace, the more connected we all are in friendship and respect for each others' differences..the better that is! Best greetings , Anne ps.the Greek souvenirs are on their way! :)

Ruth Ramaekers said...

That is a very funny idea that made me giggle!

My Realitty said...

Anna, Oh lovely point! Thank you Anna.

My Realitty said...

Oh good Ruth, giggles are good! CM

Evelyne Martin said...

I'm deeply sorry for your assistant's friends. :(

Meanwhile, I love the neighborhood, such nice houses! And I think I recognize that jar on the shelf in the kitchen... ;) How cool is that!!!

My Realitty said...

Yes it is a very special jar and I am going to glue it there so it is there forever to remember this fun. After all that IS a Paris Renfroe kitchen, my dear!!!CM

Shale said...

That Pennsylvania dollhouse looks great under your tree. I wonder if I should have taken it to Canada after all....
This was a lovely christmas tour. I wish I was there.

My Realitty said...

It turned out to be perfect scale for Dol toi which I was missing. C

Francis Clay Antiques said...

The biedermeier and boule pieces in your Hacker are so great! I like the gothic sofa best