Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mini Jazzi goes to San Francisco sight seeing

Jazzi stands at Colette's deck and looks across to the City. Colette points out the main landmarks.
"Feel like a little sightseeing today?" asks Colette?
"Sure says Mini Jazzi!"

So they cross back over the Bay Bridge to San Francisco.

First stop at the Warf for some hot chocolate!
They watch the cable cars ride by and turn around at the foot of the hill. Alcatraz island is in the distance.

Then along the Marina to view the Golden Gate Bridge.
"I hope you don't mind we don't cross it today to Sausalito, let's just stick with the City itself", Colette suggests.

They stop at the Palace of fine Arts

Through Golden Gate Park to the Conservatory of flowers.
A detour over to the first mission built in the city. Mission Delores.
When California was populated with indigenous peoples the Spanish came and established missions on the coast of California. Each was one days walk apart. Today the main cities of our state have grown up around these missions. San Diego, Santa Barbara,  Santa Clara, San Jose and San Francisco are examples. For more information go here:

Then they headed back to the city center.

Next they join the crowds at the Museum of Modern Art Downtown.
They returned to the warf to the Ferry Building  for lunch. The Bay Bridge is in the distance.

Finally they return across the Bay Bridge home and Collette suggests a soak in the spa for their tired muscles.

                             "Oh it's nice and hot!" said Mini Jazzi.
Thanks for the nice tour today Colette, what's up for tomorrow?
"Well" thought Colette..."have you finished your holiday shopping?"
:) CM


Mme. Vaisaileaux said...

What a tour!

My Realitty said...

Next we make sure she has done her Christmas shopping! CM

Jazzi said...

Wow that's great Carol...I always wanted to see those exact tourist spots! Thank you!

My Realitty said...

You are next! CM

Kikka said...

Wow...I Love your San Francisco sight seeing photos,they bring so many good memories in my mind!

mcddiss said...

veo que MJ ha llegado bien y que ya esta de turismo , me parece muy interesante todo lo que nos muestras ,gracias y felices fiestas



My Realitty said...

Hi Kikka Holiday Greetings! Next time add me to your list. xox CM

My Realitty said...

Gracias Mcddiss, Feliz Navidad por usted! Besitos, CM

Shale said...

Daphne has such wonderful memories of doing this city tour with Colette. But she tells me there are a few places here we didn't see so we are coming back as soon as we can find the airfare. Tell Colette to be prepared.

My Realitty said...

Works for me!!! Come for New Years!!!! Oh no I just published Christmas eve by mistake!!!! Oh well, Christmas comes early this year! ;( CM

Evelyne said...

Oh, MJ is so lucky!...

May I envy her, just a tiny little bit? :)

My Realitty said...

HI Evelyn, you can come visit too! CM