Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Day Open House! My last Mini Jazzi Post

"Welcome everyone! I'm so glad you all could come! There is lunch, sweets, and punch for the children and drinks for us. Please help yourself. And say Goodbye to our special guest Mini Jazzi, as she is flying out tomorrow, fog permitting... to her next hostess"
everyone murmured in good cheer and happiness at meeting MJ.

"Santa" called out Mrs. Clause from the deck where she was relaxing in one of Colette's world famous flyswatter chairs..."Leave the office, you have 364 days until next Christmas, come relax, deer." she commanded.

Santa and the deer did as they were told , but Santa kept the laptop to make sure every single gift was delivered properly. 

"Lighten up, Santa" said the chauffeur" Santa made a secret notation in the Chauffeur's file about being rude.

 And what did all the little girl dolls get for Christmas.... why doll houses of course. The boys got toy soldiers.

Oh no Mrs. Kestner our neighbor from the Christian Hacker house did not fare well in the Bouloum chair. Kate rushed to help her. 

                              Santa found it just right though.
The Chauffeur tried to chat up Mini Jazzi, but Miss Kestner, next to
her warned her he was a bit of a cad... Santa overheard and noted that too. 
          Kate helped old Mrs. Kestner to the ladies room.
Elf sink and bathroom accessories from Neenie, Shackman
  "Oh my, what am I supposed to do with this apparatus?"

"Perhaps a bite to eat", she thought. "Hmm, Ham, Turkey or Lobster... That Colette is a bit house proud in my opinion", she thought. Though she really did have a good collection of International art.
Wall hanging from Mexico, Rosamargarita, statue from Shale's daughter who even thought of her mother's blogger buddy when she went to England, and Amazing Miniatures Rhino trophy modern art.

"Hello Mrs. Kestner " cried the chef... "Eat up!".  "What cheek" she sniffed. Mrs. Kestner did not approve of the mixing of classes in modern society.
"Some of Colette's neighbors are rather stiff" though Mini Jazzi," I wonder what my next guest house will be like?"
 At the end of the afternoon as Colette and Mini Jazzi ushered the last doll out of the MH1 they laughed and hugged, and Mini Jazzi said "Well this is one Christmas I will never forget!"


Neen said...

Poor Mrs. Kestner, the modern world doesn't seem to be for her! Falling chairs, newfangled sinks, and food. Nonetheless, the party looks like a blast, and MJ's outfit is gorgeous! Where is MJ off to, can you tell? Great post, CM!

My Realitty said...

Holiday Greetings, Neenie. Not every doll house comes complete with a plunger, but thanks to you we are covered. LoL
Where is MJ headed?... it is a secret... ;) CM

Shale said...

This is such a fun Christmas party. It is wonderful to see all the dolhouse neighbours mixing and mingling in the spirit of this festive season. Mini Jazzi must be sad to leave, but excited about her next stop in her world wide tour.

Merry Christmas!!
Susan and Daphne

My Realitty said...

Greetings Susan and Daphne! Well it looks to me that Colette is either starting a Conga line or having a wardrobe malfunction in the third picture so I guess it was a good party. Say hello to your thoughtful daughter! xo CM

Teresa said...

Poor Mrs. Kestner. What a fall she had! Then to run into all the newfangled things! But she does seem to be very opionated. lol. It looks like MJ hada great time at your house. I wonder where she will end up next! Guess I will just have to wait and see. She is having a great trip.

My Realitty said...

Hi Teresa, Yes, Mrs. Kestner is stuck in the 1800's I'm afraid. There are many hostesses in the US. MJ should be kept quite busy! :) CM

carmen said...

feliz navidad!

Narán said...

Feliz Navidad , mis mejores deseos para ti y los tuyos.

Besos, Narán

My Realitty said...

Carmen and a Happy New year!!! CM

My Realitty said...

Feliz Navidad! besos, CM

studioseven said...

What a lively party. Safe travels Jazzi! Happy Holidays...enjoy.

Rebecca said...

Mini Jazzi is off already?! It seems like she's only just arrived :-( However, she's done a lot of sightseeing and socialising, so she's certainly used her time well ... Happy Christmas, CM, MJ, Colette and all! It's very nearly Boxing Day for us, but I guess you're still in the swing of Christmas Day :-)

Mini Dork said...

So festive! I want to celebrate at your house! Looks like Jazzi had a great visit. Happy Holidays!!

Atta Rehman said...

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Mad For Mod said...

Looks like Mrs. Kestner is in a time warp! Happy travels to MJ and Happy New Year to you!

My Realitty said...

Or had too much Sherry...