Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To use or not to use the dollhouse? Naughty or Nice

On the 10th day of Christmas it is a strange year for Santa. My daughter tells me her peediatricians say avoid Santa Pictures in Malls due to the H1N1 Flu. My granddaughter is afraid of Santa anyway. So when it came time for their Christmas Party I thought should I leave my Santa roombox alone in my empty house, or bring it? OK, I did remove all valuable antiques... (I like how the baby doll in the highchair made it through it all...)


what is Mrs. Santa thinking? You can't see Santa he is off camera having a ride in the air in the little girl in red's left hand. During( At some point Santa lost his hat and beard, but they were found.
No names will be mentioned)
But not by this good little fellow who was very intrigued. He stared at it for 20 minutes. Very good for a two and a half year old!

(On the eleventh day of Christmas Nana napped ALL DAY!) For the original set up go to "All the applause goes to Mrs. Clause" post below...


Rebecca said...

Really cute! You get a good sense of the size of this roombox seeing your grandchildren playing with it - I bet it was kids of their age who played with it originally! Glad they enjoyed it :-)

My Realitty said...

Me too, but believe me, Nana was keeping an eye out in case anyone reached toward the wallpaper!C