Monday, December 7, 2009

California Dreaming on such a winter's day

The sixth day of Christmas was rather insane,
We were greeted in the morning by freezing rain!


You CAN'T expect us to DRIVE in this?
This is my flat glass patio table covered with ice. Very exciting!


Rebecca said...

Hi CM,
What a cute doll! And how amazing that you HAVE a doll with ice skates when you see ice so rarely in California! A really great photo :-)

I just saw your comment on Callsmall's blog, and checked my Blog List. Your blog should show up with a thumbnail image too, but the latest post it's showing is Martha Stewart called Mrs Santa, and when I click on that, I get a message saying that post doesn't exist. So that may be why there's no thumbnail - it can see a blog post title, but there's no content in it. Not sure what's happening there - are your drafts getting published somehow before you intend them too? Hope you can work it out :-) - I'm sure there have been thumbnails for your posts before.

My Realitty said...

This little Christmas ornament got his string pulled off about 27 years ago and I could never throw him out (or apparently fix him) so he lived with the Christmas stuff until Suddenly Yesterday He Was Needed. Kinda like Rudolf. CM