Thursday, December 3, 2009

How the Dollhouse saved Christmas

One of my friends has a very big family, a very big house and a very big heart.

Last year a young man she knew was in trouble in his new business. She invited him to move into her house to save money. Soon her living room was filled with all his belongings, his business furniture and office supplies too.

It was mid December and she was fretting about decorating her house for Christmas before her children came home from college.

"I know" I said, and pointed to her children's old dollhouse in the corner of her diningroom wedged between the piano and the wall.

My friend's mother had given HER granddaughters this house many years ago. In fact they were the children returning home from college. I draped twinkly lights over the gables and made little stockings for the hearth. We gathered the dolls around the table and as my friend made REAL Christmas cookies, it began to feel like Christmas had arrived.

As busy family members and my friend's many guests gathered around the diningroom table for meals last December (did I mention my friend is a great cook, so a lot of time was spent at that table?) their eyes would stray over to the little twinkling house in the corner and smile.

In fact, though her mother had passed away many years before, my friend said it felt like her mother was right there with us too last Christmas.


Pubdoll said...

This was such a nice story! I also always decorate my doll's house before my real house.

My Realitty said...

Thank you, I am cooking up a Mrs. Santa baking scene in a German roombox kitchen as we speak! C