Friday, December 4, 2009

Last year I was a star

(This is my friend's dollhouse.) This year it's the basement for me. Oh well, dollhouses have long lives and I can wait on the sidelines for awhile till another little pair of hands comes around.
Well I just learned to check my spam and Lo and behold there were 2 comments! Hooray! Check the post older than this one for the full story behind this beauty.

Last year I was a star
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Though this dollhouse looks pathetic, it is actually incubating until the young ladies of the house have babies... They are not in a rush, their Mom is not in a rush for them to either, but the dollhouse knows.... it is just biding it's time... I wish I had pictures from last year, but last year was one of those stressed ones! Happy Holidays to all! C


Katherine said...

I know a pair of little hands that would love to play with this adorable PINK house. Even if it is in the basement this year!

My Realitty said...

We'll just have to keep those little hands busy making Christmas cookies in the kitchen...