Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Antique dollhouse by Paul Keleher

Originally uploaded by Paul Keleher
When I first strayed from the straight and narrow (Victorian contemporary furniture) I discovered the photos of Paul Keleher on flickr. I' m personally responsible for at least 100 views per picture of his as I poured over them. I had never seen such a rich collection of antiques that evoked the past so well.
If you don't know his work, Click the picture and jump into Wonderland. The scales are all sorts and evoke a distant time. Would love to know how he started this and how he came upon these masterpieces.


Busy Lizzie said...

great link, thank you for sharing that one! Lizzie

My Realitty said...

It's like a time machine. CM

christine said...

i have this in favourites and hardly a day passes without me scouring over it! i can remember reading a comment, some time ago,i think, that they might be his wifes collection.i can't find it now so i hope that memory serves me well!

Dana R. Mocan said...

I'm also responsible for a lot of viwes on Paul Kehler's dollhouse pics. great collection