Thursday, January 14, 2010

"This is in your price range," the real estate agent told Colette...

"The first house I want to show you is a fixer-upper, but it's in your price range..."the agent told Colette. Colette shuddered.
(1940's shingle style cardboard and printed paper house of unknown maker)

" This next one is a reach for you and there are already 20 offers for it". Colette gasped. It had the clean lines she loved. It was spacious and beautiful.

She could see herself living here. The view from the second story bedroom was incredible. She loved the livingroom fireplace, the free floating stairs, even the light fixtures. She had to have it. How beautiful would her Mini modernistas bed look in that bedroom. Couldn't the kids use a blow up mattress in the livingroom when they visited?
"You'd have to add the kitchen appliances, but you could create the design yourself" the agent continued. Colette was fine with take out. She had also always wanted a swimming pool but really there was no other house like this one.

"I'll take it", Colette decided. "Call the architect immediately", she instructed the agent.
"Well, dear, I'll put your bid in and we'll see"
Colette absentmindedly lifted a fingernail to her lips and started chewing.

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