Saturday, January 30, 2010

My puppenstube

This is the dollhouse that made it all the way from Germany to me. IN WINTER, and a bad one at that!

This is the front. It is VERY intact for
a dollhouse of this age. Remember these were made as playthings. Toys. God bless the little girl who took such good care of this one.

If you compare it to the one from the Puppenhausmuseum, which is posted below, you will notice the front light is missing but the front plant is there as well as the railing. I am particularly pleased the plants in the window box are all arranged in the original way. I don't think I could replicate that. A few shingles are missing. The original awning material is gone, replaced by what looks like shirting material with glue spots. It looks carefully cut out but the gluing looks like the work of a child. I will post the back next week. xoxo C


Florine said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to see if furnished. Who will live in your new little house? Flo

Josje said...

Very nice! So typically of the era. I managed to buy the (German) dolls house I had in my childhood about a year ago. It also had a little bit of damage to it (more than my own one did) so I'm doing some sympathetic restoration on it. Enjoy your house! I look forward to seeing what you'll do with yours.

My Realitty said...

Flo, I don't have any dolls yet but the mother will be Petronella, the father Lars, and the daughter Nicola.

Josje I have the cardboard roof to a Triang house and some little girl
scratched her name "Judith" into it. I love that and the little girl doll will always be Judith.C

smidge girl said...

This is so pretty, it makes me want to cry! Such a fantastic house! Congratulations! I look forward to more pictures:)