Thursday, November 25, 2010

And that first Thanksgiving dinner?

Well, if you look closely there are deli sandwiches on the plates. What happened to the turkey and all the fixings?

Yes we took it out to defrost from the freezer in the Trellis room and Jessy put it in the refrigerator part, BUT it was 34 degrees here last night, very unusual for California, and as that is a  semi outdoor room the turkey was hard as a rock this morning, Frozen solid. So we brought it into the house and are cooking it tomorrow.

Jessy doesn't care, she has her ring and Andrew who comes with it! So really, to them it is the best Thanksgiving dinner ever!


Norma said...

A Thanksgiving to remember in more ways than one it seems :)

shale said...

Who needs turkey when you have love?

Enjoy the feast today!


Sans! said...

Toast to LOVE! :)

RiS said...

nice interior!

enjoy your special day :)

Janice said...

You have your man and a wonderful future to look forward to.......turkey can wait!