Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Baking

Gracie Grecon loves to bake. Mrs. Grecon tells her neighbor Mrs. Felt, "We can hardly keep

enough flour in the house!" Mrs. Felt replied "She'll make someone a fine wife some day". Little did they know Gracie, with the precision she learned in baking would go on to become a corporate ligator and choose not to marry any man she met.
Brimtoy tin kitchen appliances, Barton pots?, Grecon dolls, love Mrs. Felt's suit and handbag. Dol toi table, small strombecker chair. German plaster cake. Pie, American Girl,Yum! Flour is Jean Nate dusting powder.


Amy's Miniatures And Smalls said...

Can't wait to see the dolls after the holidays with that Monster Bag of sugar to use up. Thanks for the laugh.

Pubdoll said...

Good for little Gracie, becoming an independent career woman! I'm not very good at baking, so I'm very impressed with her cooking, the cakes look jummy!

Pan said...

Lovely post. The Brimtoy dresser is very nice. I am a big fan of Grecon dolls and am very envious of Mrs Felt and her wonderful outfit!