Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More of the Brother's Bedroom

Last time I blogged here, my mouse cord wrapped around the bow of my shoe and when I stood up it ripped the cord in the socket and ruined it. I had these pictures to add for the boy's room in the Triang, Judith's House, and was unable to put them up. My buddy Lisa brought me a mouse today and I'm back in business. So. I think the cupboard is Dol toi and the Bureau small Strombecker. The trophy is an old crackerjack prize.
I love these old "tobacco rugs" I guess they came with cigarettes long ago. There are many available. I can't imagine why they chose to put them with cigarettes. Did people use them as coasters? Did everyone really have a little girl with a doll house??? We like this Virginia one, as my elder assistant will be living there.
I love this little plastic bed with the sprayed on chenille bedspread. I am not sure what he wooden sidetable and lamp are.  Now I am going to say goodbye and get up VERY CAREFULLY, C.

Update: Christine sent the following article that tells about the history of these rugs and how they were used,Thank you. C
It is very interesting, enjoy!


Sans! said...

I loved the tobacco rugs too! I always thought it could be because the Persians smoke so much that there's some kind of connection between them and the rugs.

My Realitty said...

Yes! I wonder if people collected them like trading cards. The oddest ones have college names on them. Floyd has one in his room that says Perdue! C

Christine said...

Cigarette advertising is fascinating. Here is a link which might be interesting to you:

My Realitty said...

Christine!!!! You angel! Thank you for the information about the tobacco rugs! I will post it in the article above so everyone can see it!C