Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lloyd and and Celia Celluloid

This charming couple is made of celluloid. It was an inexpensive material and not as sturdy as later harder plastics so they are somewhat "played with". Played out, more like it. Celia has gold glitter glued to her arm. I love her yellow silk sheath. She has a very Marilyn Monroe tummy. This doll must have been mass produced. I see versions of her on ebay all the time.
I want you to notice Lloyd's eyebrows. Painted on. Very expressive. His coat is felt, and his shirt is like paper. He is made of a VERY thin sheet of celluloid. Very fragile.

I think brother Floyd is a souvenier from a football game. He was filled with sand and I had to drain some out to make him fit with the others. He is a "leatherhead" because that is what the first football helmets were made of, leather. I thought he gave a nice 1930's feel to the set up.
Big sister, Cecile is a bit more delicate. The elastic holding her limbs together is stretched. I like her little skirt and her red shoes. Nice socks too. Short pin curls were the hairstyle.

Then we have CC the toddler. She is a little kewpie-like. Love the bangs! her little green print skirt is cute too. My younger assistant in VERY enamoured with this little doll. I have to watch her carefully to make sure she survives the attention lavished on her. She fits perfectly in my little assistants fist and is just crying out to be carried around. I have seen my little assistant kiss her fondly. One problem with this material is it can be crushed. She might be a carnival prize.

Lastly we have baby Boyd. His very shiney and reflective. He had a white diaper painted on but the color is worn off.
I had no intention of collecting these. I would see them on ebay and  one doll lead to another and now they are a family. I love them too.  C


christine said...

what a lovely thing to have happened.... just like families, we don't choose them it just happens and we love them dearly!! :)

Amy's Miniatures And Smalls said...

Such a precious, fragile family. They are so cute and I bet so happy they have a wonderful home with you.

Busy Lizzie said...

That is a great little family, I have the baby in my 40's American house! Lizzie

My Realitty said...

Christine... yes they take on a lif of their own! C

My Realitty said...

Amy, Thank you, they are very good tenents in the Triang. C

My Realitty said...

Busy Lizzie, is there a pic on your blog. I will have to go look? C

Rebecca said...

Lovely family, and great names - very clever :-)