Saturday, February 6, 2010

Be Mine: Thank you 50 followers!

Welcome to the party!

Update: Some of my friends only reply on flickr so I had to laugh when one told me about this picture that"it must be windy outside" as the waiter's hair looks like it is being blown. I had to tell her this doll has just been around the to speak.

Happy Valentines and
Thank you for supporting me on my blog!

In honor of having 50 viewers Colette decided to throw a party in the MH1 for all the dolls.

The Grecons came from Canada and their Eagle Hexagon house.

The Biques came from their Traing in England.

The beribboned Ambassador came from the Christian Hacker house.

There was great food, music and general merriment.

Mrs. Celluloid, renown in dolland for her jazz singing was accompanied by George Grecon on the piano and the Victorian house flapper fellow brought his trumpet.

Colette made a toast to the wonderfulness of all doll collectors and supporters of dollhouse blogs in blogland.

She repeated what everyone says about how giving and caring the people who collect dolls and dollhouse furniture are, and how dolls all over the world are grateful.

There was great cheering in agreement! All the dolls were proud.

(I learned that the reason my daughter is listed twice is because she follows me in G mail AND on Twitter)

The shifty looking cad from the Colonial house tried to move in on the babes from the 70's house.

He had never seen anything like those white go-go boots and the hippie dress.

Let me tell you those women told him pretty quickly what a drag he was. In fact the woman in the poncho said "Hey you get offa my cloud!" to quote Mick Jagger.

Perhaps the alcohol flowed a bit much, but everyone brought some to share.

Colette had the event catered with lobster (from the colonial house), german plaster cakes (from the German kitchen roombox) and even sushi (thank you Callsmall!)

The only problem occurred when Colette's ex showed up and tried to seduce Mrs. Clause.

Father Christmas took him upstairs and gave him what for. We think he's now headed to an addiction clinic in Arizona.

Father Christmas was pretty tough explaining consequences. You better not pout and all that.

The Celuloid's oldest boy, is in High School and going through an insecure phase. He was shy and just hung out by himself in the livingroom, but he said he had a good time watching the adults.

All in all it made for a pretty wild time but a good time was had too!

Cheers to you for your support and the final song of the evening was a rousing rendition of that Sly and the Family Stone standard

"Thank you for lettin' me be myself again!"

Sincerely Carol @ Myrealitty


LaPetite said...

This is fantastic! Thank you for all the wonderful posts over the past few months!

Pubdoll said...

What a great party C, with a fun mixture of people! Looks like they all had a good time, I guess with the exception of Colette's ex :-)

My Realitty said...

Can you believe his gall? Everyone was shocked!(Mrs. Clause was rather flattered though)... C

My Realitty said...

Shucks LaPetite. You are too kind. C

Anonymous said...

Too bad what happens in the dollhouse doesn't stay in the dollhouse! It"s just a little addiction...can't be that serious!

My Realitty said...

Dear Anon. That's the problem with bloging. Everyone knows.CM

My Realitty said...

FYI: I think it's funny but some of my friends on flickr say it takes too long to sign in to my blog so they use Anonymous.